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  • The use of TOTAL's Biodiesel allows for the engine's easy start after start, smooth and steady combustion, and efficient operation.
  • Desulfurized to low sulfur levels (50PPM), the diesel fuel minimizes deposits, corrosion and wear in the engine.
  • It is blended with a certain percentsge of Fatty Acid Methyl Ester (FAME) as stipulated in the Biofuels Law.
  • Becomes an eco-friendly fuel.


  • TOTAL's Biodiesel caters to all types of commercial client from trucking operations and fishing boat fleets, to automotive engines. From earth moving equipment to farm tractors.
  • High-speed automotive diesel engines including industrial and marine diesel engines runs on its distilate fuel
  • It is alternatively heating fuel with industrial and commercial uses in small boilers, ovens and furnaces.


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