Total Hi Perf 4t

  • Motorcycles

    Hi-Perf 4T RACING 10W50

    TOTAL Hi-Perf 4T Racing is a premium Fully-Synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil.

  • Motorcycles

    Hi-Perf 4T SUPER 20W50

    TOTAL Hi-Perf 4T SUPER is a high quality 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil designed to give Consistent Protection.

  • Motorcycles

    Hi-Perf 4T SPORT+ 10W40

    TOTAL Hi-Perf 4T Sport+ is a Semi-Synthetic 4-stroke motorcycle engine oil specially formulated to increase power and acceleration.

  • Hi Pert 4T Scooter 10W40

    Hi-Pert 4T Scooter 10W40

    4-stroke scooter engine oil from synthetic based oils.

  • Hi Perf 4T MCO SAE 40

    Hi-Perf 4T MCO SAE 40

    TOTAL Hi Perf 4T MCO is a high quality mono-grade oil that offers quality protection for 4-stroke motorcycle engines.



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