Fluidmatic IIIG | Total in the Philippines

Fluidmatic IIIG


Automatic Transmission Fluid

A heavy duty multi-purpose automatic transmission fluid exceeding GM Dexron IIIG and Ford Mercon standards. It is formulated with Premium base stock and carefully selected additives to overcome the challenging demands in an automatic transmission environment.

  • Automatic and power-shift transmission and torque converters of passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and industrial vehicles
  • Hydraulic systems where a fluid type GM Dexron® IIIG is required
  • Outstanding resistance to corrosion, foaming, shearing and rust formation
  • High degree of anti-wear and extreme pressure properties
  • Perfect behavior at low temperature
  • Superior oxidation resistance


  • GM Dexron® IIIG
  • Ford Mercon®
  • ZF TE ML 14 A


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