Excellium 95

Total Excillium



  • TOTAL EXCELLIUM 95 is an environment-friendly, 95+ RON Pemium Motor Gasoline.
  • Go further. On the road, fuel efficiency is improved by up to 3.7%, which gives you many more kilometers per tankful.
  • Drive in greater comfort. A cleaner motor. The new molecules of detergent in TOTAL EXCELLIUM 95 cleans the most sensitive parts in modern engines. (in particular the areas involved with fuel injection).
  • Cleaner Driving. Less pollution. Using TOTAL EXCELLIUM 95 can cut the carbon dioxide emissions (the gas that adds to the greenhouse effect) by up to 5%. It can also cut pollution, like carbon monoxide and black fumes, by as much as 15% compared to fuel direct from refinery.


  • This lead-free premium grade motor gasoline is recommended for high compression engines.


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