Excellium Diesel

Total Excillium

excellium diesel


  • TOTAL Excellium Diesel contains powerful detergents which clean away and reduces the build up of harmful deposits in fuel injection systems.
  • By reducing injectors fouling and limiting internal friction, it helps reduce fuel consumption.
  • It helps in reducing emissions of vehicles, especially carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons in urban driving condition.
  • With improved filterability, TOTAL Excellium Diesel allows for better protection against premature fuel filter clogging.
  • It also has very good de-hazing performances when mixed with water.
  • TOTAL Excellium Diesel has compounds that protect steel parts of the fuel system from corrosion.
  • And it reduces the foaming tendency thereby preventing overspills.


  • TOTAL Excellium Diesel caters all type of diesel vehicles - from heavy duty trucking operations and Sports Utility Vehicles, from earth moving equipment to luxury buses.
  • High-speed automotive diesel engines ideally run on this premium distilate fuel.


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